If you have a yearly membership you are automatically included!!


If you would like to join the fun, sign up for the January one month unlimited yoga package for $99** . You will also receive a free EKO yoga mat or a $50 shopping certificate for Willow Tree Wellness*


We will have 30+ challenges. For each challenge you will receive points, be entered into a drawing for weekly prizes and be on your way to being the person with the highest points to win the grand prize.

** If you have an existing package and still want to do the challenge, please let us know at hello@kingfisheryoga.com

*only available on items that are not on consignment

If you are having financial constraints during this time but would still like to participate, please reach out to us at hello@kingfisheryoga.com and we would be happy to work with you.

Kingfisher Yoga
109 Lodi St.
Lodi, WI
Within Willow Tree Wellness

Your place to belong

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