DevilsLake Climbing Guides
Pardeeville Wisconsin
Brianna Ripp Dane Wisco
  • Arrive fashionably early! Aim for at least 10 minutes, and stay for a bit after class to visit with the other yogis.  

  • The exterior door will be locked at the beginning of class and there will be no late entry.

  •  Remove your shoes before coming into the studio.

  • Sign in on our iPad.


  • Wear light comfy clothing that you can move easily in.

  • If you have a yoga mat, bring it and maybe a towel too, if not, we have plenty of awesome clean mats available to borrow and for sale.

  • Just like the movie theatre, leave the technological distractions in your bag and make sure it’s on silent. This includes watches, please keep them quiet and if possible leave in your bag. Keep our focus on what's happening within the body

  • Refrain from wearing strong scents and perfumes.

  • Stay hydrated! Bring a refillable water bottle.

  • Plan to stay for the entire class

  • Be compassionate and don't judge

  • Ahimsa “means nonviolence in all aspects of our life, in our thoughts and our behaviors and our actions toward ourselves and others, Everyone deserves to practice yoga free from judgment, from harm, exclusion or anything that would keep them from being able to be comfortable in yoga