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Welcome back to class! 
We have created a new schedule to respect the comfort levels of our teachers and students.  Please bear with us as we try new things and manage the safety of our yoga community together.
We have missed you.
Kingfisher Yoga is about connecting and creating an uplifting, inclusive community.  We know how it feels to be the new kid on the block, so we do our very best to make every body welcome. Join our community for laughter, support and some yoga flows together.
Connecting and creating community within and outside of the studio is what we strive for.
We would love to bring yoga to you!
We would like to hear from you. How can we serve you and encourage you to find your path to become more of who you want to be.
What is yoga? What should I bring to class? Meet our teachers.
 We offer a varied intensity of classes and restful options. Find your match here.
We offer private sessions whether if be for just you or for a group of friends in our studio or your choice of place.

Teacher Spotlight on Carla Wiessing

Carla is our lead dreamer at Kingfisher Yoga! She is the thread that holds this community together and we are so grateful for her knowledge, caring spirit and drive to bring out the best in everyone.

If you haven't head the pleasure of meeting Carla yet, she teaches a variety of classes throughout the week:

Monday at 10am and Thursday at 4:30pm: Foundations Flow

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5:45am: Expanding Flow

Tuesday at 4:30pm: Basics

Friday at 8:30am: Restorative

Saturday at 9:30am: Expanding

Sunday at 6pm: Candlelight Flow

What is one activity where you feel most like yourself?

Rock Climbing

Do you talk to animals?

All the time. To be clear, they never reply.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

When you are standing in front of a group of people, take it all in, all the faces and remember they are there to support you and want the best for you.

What's the perfect weekend for you?

A cabin in the woods with a creek and lots of hiking trails.

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