Carla Wiessing 

Owner and lead dreamer

Gratitude . I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I am passionate about with my community. I was inspired to expand my yoga knowledge by my dear friend and mentor Allison Dienger. I received my initial  200 hour Registered Yoga teacher training at Perennial Yoga in Fitchburg with the my education being led by Megan Grace, Keith Borden and many other gracious teachers.. Since the beginning of this journey I have been mentored by Jamie Healey in the art of Yoga Nidra, Jessica Noche in Children's Yoga and many other online and live courses that expand my base knowledge of yoga. To this day I am still learning more about yoga and how to use it in my life.

Tess Carr

I grew up in Alaska and was an avid hiker, horseback rider, mountain biker, runner, and fitness instructor long before I tried yoga. When I was 34 and teaching classes at a gym in Houston, a new yoga class was introduced right after my step aerobics class. I fell in love with the stretched-out, blissed-out experience it offered and quickly decided to enroll in YogaFit teacher training. From YogaFit, I learned that yoga can bring joy to everybody regardless of age or physical ability – and that developing awareness and responsiveness to one’s own body is key to an effective, safe practice. I try to promote a gentle, self-loving experience for members of my classes at Kingfisher Yoga. I also enjoy sharing positive elements of yoga philosophy applicable to practice both on the mat and in daily life. I am very grateful to be a part of Kingfisher’s beautiful and welcoming yoga community!

Kara Bercher

Bio coming soon!

Melissa Moll

I discovered yoga in 2010 when I attended my first slow flow yoga class with a friend. After mostly playing team sports throughout high school, I was immediately drawn to the solo practice yoga offered; not only physically but also mentally. Getting to know my body through yoga helped me feel more in control of maintaining my own physical health and at the same time easing anxiety. In my classes I encourage students to explore their bodies and minds in whatever way feels natural and authentic to them while providing detailed cues and offering modifications. I encourage students to come as they are and listen to the innate wisdom that is already inside of them. Yoga has ultimately taught me everything we need is already with in us. 

Teri Engelke

For me, yoga has been both an evolution and a moment in time, a constant reminder of growth along the journey and importance of awareness in a single breath. As a teacher and guide, my goal is to provide a space for you to find a pause in the moment and be able reflect on your journey to your true self. We are both teachers and students – throughout our practice on and off the mat. I completed my 200 RYT certification in March 2019 at Inner Fire Yoga. My hope and goal is to create a welcoming and safe space for any student to explore and discover their own transformation through yoga.

Mary Benisch

In the past my relationship with yoga had been all about the poses and how it could help me become more fit.  On New Year's Eve 2017 I attended a yoga workshop with an instructor that introduced me to yoga as the combination of breath, mind, spirit and asana. And that was it. I fell in love. I completed my 200 hr YTT through KRAMAS Yoga, am Certified in Teaching Children Yoga and  Assisted Yoga.  My intention in teaching yoga is to make it accessible to anyone, no matter their age or obstacle, and to help others discover peace and contentment through practice on their mats. In addition to teaching Flow classes, I am a big lover of Power Yoga so I look forward to offering some high intensity classes with fun, rocking playlists too!! 

Megan Trantow

I have been an elementary school teacher since 2012.  My love for yoga grew from a need for self-care and wellness, but my practice was initially inconsistent until one December I made a New Year’s resolution to do more yoga.  Knowing my interest in Yoga, my school encouraged me to coordinate some after school yoga classes for staff which lead to meeting Carla. I immediately felt at home in my consistent practice and became inspired to gain my 200 RYT certification.  My teaching goal is to create a supporting community that makes everyone feel welcome, safe, and loved by holding space for and empowering others.

Lindsay Rogers

I was born in Austin, Texas and have been dancing since I was two. My love of dance has evolved from Ballet, Tap and Jazz to Ballroom Dancing in college at UW-Madison. I studied in Sevilla, Spain, where I taught Salsa Dance and fell in love with the Spanish Language, Music and Culture. There I learned the native Sevillanas partner dance, similar to that of Flamenco. My mother introduced me to yoga in high school and I found it a perfect segue from the movement of dance and it kept my body, mind and spirit in alignment. I went to Costa Rica for my Yoga Teacher Training with Lila Flow in July of 2019, where I was exposed to many elements including Reiki Energy Healing. Upon my return, I was inspired to become a Reiki Practitioner. The knowledge of the chakras, has played into my teaching and guided meditations in a natural and authentic way. It was the beautiful comment of Owner Carla Wiessing just after my return from Costa Rica that inspired the creation of Latin Dance Yoga. She said, “Why don’t you combine the two things you love: yoga and dance?” That spark lit a fire and here we are, serving Latin Dance Yoga on a platter for you to taste test and enjoy! I am honored to be part of the Kingfisher Yoga Community and to serve you as you navigate your journey with yoga both on and off your mat. It is a joy to be able to share what I love with the world. Namaste, Linds

Amy Bourne

I began practicing yoga in 2012, originally did it for fitness, then to challenge myself, and now it's become part of my life and my way to stay grounded, energized, and feel good. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in June, 2019 at RajaHatha School of Yoga, because I love the community that is created in a yoga class, and wanted to help others find the 'light' within themselves.  My interests are in alignment yoga, body mechanics, and regulating the nervous system through breath and movement.  I believe that the benefits and philosophy of yoga translate well to life off the mat.

Heidi O'Toole

Before starting Kundalini yoga five years ago, I suffered from anxiety attacks that left me unable to breath.  A former elementary school teacher in the Chicago Public School system for 16 years, I found that Kundalini’s mantras and breathing techniques were precisely what I needed to quell the anxiety and calm my mind.  In fact, Kundalini so spoke to my mind, body and soul that today, I call my yoga mat my church because it is where I can center myself and find the Divine within. The mantras in Kundalini help focus me and I’ve noticed subtle changes in me, like things roll off my back more. I have studied Kundalini with Shabad Kaur Khalsa, and Shiva Singh Khalsa, who teach at P.S. Yoga in Chicago, IL.  I have my Kundalini Research Institute International Level One Kundalini Yoga Instructor Certification, have completed 2 of the 5 level two trainings, certified in Yoga Tune Up, trained in The Roll Model Method, Breath and Bliss Immersion, and have my 200 RYT certification through Yoga Alliance. In addition to my yoga training, I studied dance for 18 years and have a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in musical theater.  I sang with the USO and have traveled to more than 26 countries, entertaining the troops. But I always come back to the mat for the physical challenge of perfecting a posture, and the reward of a calm and focused mind. I hope to offer my students a way to calm their minds and become more attuned to their bodies,

Raka Bandyo

I have been a dedicated student of the vedic arts including Odissi dance and Meditation for over 35 years. Daughter of an Hindu Braman family, I have been initiated into meditation practices, classical Indian dance, and cosmic exploration since childhood. A forever student to the infinite well that in the consciousness.  I currently teach Odissi classical Indian dance, Ayurveda Living and Cooking, Jyotish Vedic Astrology, and Meditation while residing in Madison, WI. Find out more at

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