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A weekend with

Alexandria Crow 

Alexandria Crow is an internationally respected yoga teacher,  teacher trainer, and the creator of the Yoga Physics methodology. She has a talent for explaining complex elements of anatomy, physiology, yoga practice and philosophy in simple terms — making them approachable for all. She shares her knowledge with her students and other teachers to promote yoga practice and teaching that is wise, sustainable and mindful, with a focus on body mechanics and constant encouragement for each individual to explore their personal range of motion and capabilities.  Find out more below:

Attending workshops can be inspiring and thought-provoking.  However,  integrating the learned concepts into daily practice can be very difficult.  Information often ends up under-utilized, forgotten or sometimes misapplied.  Be it philosophical content, physical content, class planning or sequencing, participants rarely get a chance to experiment with the material and workout a clear way to apply it in their classes.

This series of workshops aims to change all of that.

We will explore some of the most common issues teachers and practitioners face.   Participants will be offered techniques to solve these issues in clear, methodical and sequential manner.  Teachers and students can leverage the framework for continual use and growth in their practice. 

The following are some of the common issues arising in yoga classes today that will be examined:

  • The difficulty of teaching philosophy via physicality in an authentic way that allows students to truly work with their relationship to the concepts in real time.

  • The desire to teach to the individual within a group setting that promotes accessibility and sustainability without running up against the confines yoga poses can currently create in mixed level drop in classes.

  • Meeting the ever changing and often amped-up physical exertion demands of active class participants while keeping the yoga teaching alive and ethically sound.

  • Meeting the resistance and hesitation that can exist around less physically demanding class styles.  How to address difficulty with being still or dealing with discomfort and pain in poses, as well as the common student belief that doing less is scary or has less value.

  • Getting over the creativity for creativity’s sake hurdle and the boredom rut. How to change class plans, verbal teaching techniques, and other teaching tools in an effective and progressive way that doesn’t jolt the students nor the teacher. How to develop creative activities and explorations in classes that have clear purpose and meaning while being very effective.

Sessions will include physical practice, lecture, discussion, brainstorming sessions, worksheets / tools and follow-up material.  In each session, we will use the same theoretical methodology to work through the process of firstly identifying the problem, moving on to exploring the current methods used in relation to the issue, and the qualities of experience this method represents or may contain. This allows us to systematically replace the current method with a more effective one that doesn’t leave the students feeling shortchanged and makes the yoga practice richer, deeper, and more uniquely personal.

5 session weekend, not including Practice with Alex: $250

Philosophy In Asana Classes

A Conundrum

How To Clearly Teach & Practice Yoga Philosophy In Asana Classes

Friday, November 1, 2019 – 7:45 to 9:45 pm 

Lecture & Discussion + Practice

In this workshop we will look at what we are trying to teach and learn in asana-based yoga classes today, tying those concepts back to classical texts such as The Gita, The Yoga Sutras, and The Upanishads. We’ll discuss what blocks people from accessing yoga and how can we help them make their way through those blocks in a way that preserves the agency of each individual student and is accessible to all. The discussion will end with clarity around what we are trying to teach and how so that teachers and students can articulate their intentions to anyone with that same clarity.

Teaching philosophy via a physical asana-based technique can be a challenge and can often feel like an afterthought or something layered on top. We will spend time devising ways to teach the philosophical concepts by both using physicality as a tool and without using physicality at all.

Teachers will begin to learn how to create classes where the class plans are rooted in real time philosophical exploration. The poses and activities presented will ask students to inquire into where the present moment is, what blocks them from making choices out of that place, and how to explore removing those blocks through making alternative choices from the present moment.

This session will include lecture and discussion plus a set of examples presented through a few mini practices. Students will also have a chance to brainstorm their own ways to begin to apply these concepts.

Single Workshop: $55

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For Everybody & Anybody –

The Group Class Dilemma

The Exclusivity and Injurious Factors Affecting Classes Today & How To Solve Them

Saturday, November 2, 2019 – 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply

There are some very clear factors causing classes to be less accessible and sustainable than we would like. In this workshop we will look at a well-defined list of factors that Alexandria has spent years compiling and researching that are affecting current classes in ways that are less than optimal. Anatomy, biomechanics, classroom dynamics, verbal instructing techniques, and more, will all be included and discussed in the lecture as contributing factors.

Participants will then be offered ways to develop practice and teaching techniques that face those factors head on while taking each individual into account. Participants will be guided through physical practices comparing and contrasting the current posture teaching methodology and offered new ways to approach asana and experiment with their components. Attendees will leave with clear ways to incorporate this information into their classes right away.
Single Workshop: $55

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Yoga’s Not Fitness

The Fitness/Not Fitness Paradox

Current Student Expectations, How To Meet Them Ethically & Without Appropriating

 Saturday, November 2, 2019 – 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply

Physically demanding classes are some of the most popular yoga offerings currently, and yet some of the most difficult within which to achieve the outcome that a yoga practice intends philosophically. How do you get students to work hard, move, and do it with ethical integrity? How do we reframe this idea of yoga being fitness so that students still use their bodies and have many of their expectations met while understanding with clarity what yoga is about?

We will begin with a discussion of the current market expectations in relation to more active classes, the reasons those expectations exists, and the current methods used to meet them.

Next participants will engage in a practice based around the expectations students of vinyasa/flow/ power models have. It will be taught in a way that takes individuals and personal choice into account, allows for exploration and discovery, is physically demanding, may get you sweaty, but also limits the confusion and pitfalls of active classes today.

We will close by working through our methodical step by step approach and identify a starting place to introduce this information as well as an outline of how to progress to further integration. Participants will be asked to brainstorm practical ideas to implement the information based on their own practice and/ or teaching both immediately and in the future. 
Single Workshop: $55

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Just Laying Around

The “Restoratives Have Value” Quandary

Aversions To Being Still + Changing The “No Pain No Gain” Misconception

Sunday, November 3, 2019 – 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply

While this set of class styles can have life-changing impact and is what Alex believes could be a vehicle for the most valuable contribution that current yoga classes can offer to the health and well being of the population, they are often overlooked or disliked by class goers. We will look at the reasons why these classes can be of such immense value by looking at the nervous system and its states through a scientific and research-based lens. Reasons why students shy away from these classes will be offered for consideration and discussed.

Participants will then be led through a practice that offers an alternative approach technically while facilitating an environment where the outcome of these less physically demanding classes can be accessed more readily and deeply. They will be offered ways to attain this outcome in more active classes as well.

We will close by working through our methodical step by step approach and identify a starting place to introduce this information in not only passive classes but active ones as well. An outline of progressive integration will be developed and used. Participants will be asked to brainstorm ideas of ways to implement the information based on their own practice and/or teaching both immediately and in the future.
Single Workshop: $55

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Introducing New Information And Change Into Class Plans With Clarity & Purpose

Sunday, November 3, 2019 – 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply

For teachers, class planning can be tricky when met with an information overload or when faced with insufficient resources to accomplish the task.. Not to mention how scary it can be when introducing something new or different. And then there’s the wild creativity that can creep in just to get out of a perceived rut.

In this workshop we will discuss how to introduce new concepts from the philosophical to the physical. How to make small changes over time that add up to a huge transformation long term. Participants will make their way through a series of mini practices that creatively approach introducing new information via adapted and more effective postures, progressive drills based on a theme, purposeful movement explorations, and other techniques that allow yoga classes to work better for anyone and everyone long term.

All information from prior sessions will be taken into account and utilized to put together a new class plan that starts teachers on a road to long term implementation and change. Ways to develop home practices that invite inquiry and investigation that will aid in teaching and practicing long term will also be offered. Attendees will leave with concrete methods that will allow them to develop classes that are completely unique to themselves and will be thoroughly enjoyed by all of their students.

Single Workshop: $55

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Class Planning & Information Overload Rut – Solving The Purposeful Creativity Obstacle

Practice with Alexandria Crow: The Asana Live Labs

Friday, November 1, 2019 – 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm

Not a workshop. Simply Practice.

You asked for more practice time. You asked to through and through be able to be a student again in a public class, even those of you who are teachers. You asked to have the chance to learn by doing. You asked to be inspired so that your practice becomes your own again and so that you have more to give the students you teach. You asked to be presented with new and effective methods and techniques that will allow you can deepen your direct personal experience with yoga’s philosophy while still engaged in a physical practice that has all the qualities you love and maybe some of the qualities that you miss.

You asked to move, and to explore, and to work, to find ease, and to learn. That’s what these classes aim to deliver.

Class will be 2 hours long and will start with a short 15 min introduction to the day’s topic and concepts, then a 90 minute physical practice, and will close with a 15 min explanation and Q&A.

Sign up for this class only: $35