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30 Days of Mental Wellness Self Care

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30 DAYS of MENTAL WELLNESS SELF CARE Are you interested in boosting your mental wellness? Improving your mental wellness takes some time. Your brain is like a muscle, you have to work out that muscle just like you would any other muscle. Working on building up your mental strength requires that you focus on it daily. The good part is it doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of time on it. You can do it anywhere, no special equipment needed, a pen and paper are great tools though! You'll know exactly what to do each day, which makes it super easy! We will start this journey together Feb. 1. If you miss a day or want to start later, do so, options will be posted until the end of March. This is for you and can be molded for your use, there are more than 30 suggestions so if you need to skip one, go ahead. This is FOR YOU!. So let's begin! 30 Days of Mental Wellness Care There are a lot of options out there to help improve your mental wellness. Medication and therapy help in ways other options can't. See what else is out there, it is possible to improve your mental wellness in other ways or in addition to your therapy and medications. ALways follow the advice of your health care provider. *Members that complete 30 steps will receive a unique gift. Member is defined by having a monthly payment plan or have paid a full or half year in advance. This includes $89 monthly unlimited, $55 for 5 classes per month or the 69 and over plan

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Feb-Mar 2023- 30 Days of Mental Wellness Self Care

Feb-Mar 2023- 30 Days of Mental Wellness Self Care

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