Sometimes it’s better to have that
personalized attention.
A group setting may be intimidating to you
as you do not know what to expect and
you may be scared of making mistakes.
Our teachers and environment are welcome and
inviting but you may still want to
ease into your new yoga practice. 
Kingfisher Yoga offers private yoga
both in studio and your home. 
In Private sessions, your instructor will be able to
analyze your specific movement patterns,
work with injuries and limitations to
create a set of sequences that will benefit you
and your practice.
Prepare you for success in studio classes
or develop a flow for your home practice.

Contact Carla at carla@kingfisheryoga.com

to schedule a free phone consultation.

We will discuss your goals for a yoga practice,

injuries, areas of limitation and

specific sequencing for you.

At the conclusion we will discuss

scheduling of your sessions.s.

Private Sessions

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Single Private Sessions:

$60/hr, or $75 for 90 minutes*

Group Sessions

  • 2 People – $40 pp/hr 

  • 3 People – $30 pp/hr

  • 4 People – $25 pp/hr

  • Greater than 4 please contact us

  •  * add $10 for home visit

Packages are available to

committed students who

purchase session bundles.