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Private Sessions

Sometimes it’s better to have that  personalized attention.
In Private sessions, your instructor will be able to:
• Analyze your specific movement patterns
• Work with your injuries & limitations
• Create a set of sequences that will benefit your practice
• Take your practice up a notch
•  Develop a flow for your home practice

Let's chat!

Contact  Carla at

to schedule a free phone consultation

We will discuss your goals for a yoga practice,

injuries, areas of limitation & align you with the right instructor.

Yoga from
the start

Yoga from the Start is three private classes, just you & the instructor. There's a focus on learning the foundations of yoga movements, breathing & meditation.
A group setting may be intimidating as you're  uncertain what to expect & unfamiliar with yoga poses & the studio. You may feel that you do not fit the ideal of what you believe a yogi should look like, or that you are not flexible enough.
You are  the right shape and size for yoga.
Every body is a yoga body!
WE can show you that with kindness & patience.
3 classes for $120 or one for $60

Let's discuss your goals for your practice!

Contact Carla at

to schedule a free phone consultation



Single Private Sessions:


$60/hr, or $75 for 90 minutes*

Group Sessions:

  • 2 People – $40 pp/hr 

  • 3 People – $30 pp/hr

  • 4 People – $25 pp/hr

  • Greater than 4 - please contact us for a price quote

*add $10 for home visit

*packages are available to committed students who purchase session bundles

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