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Aimee Jensen


I first encountered Yoga over 10 years ago from a coworker who suggested I try it out. It was Iyengar style which focuses on proper alignment for each person. I instantly fell in love with the practice & even considered teaching back then. 


Flash forward to now, I have learned that there is much more to yoga than getting into a pose “correctly”. ​ Getting back into my practice as a mom of 3 little ones,  I realized how much I needed to find “me” again by doing something I enjoy & I love how yoga has grounded me with all the chaos that comes with life. 


I completed my 200 hour RYT with KRAMAS Yoga right here at Kingfisher.

I hope to create a space where each of you can


& just enjoy whatever yoga is for you.  

Aimee Teaches:

Expanding Flow: This class is a faster pace, linking your movement to your breath as you flow through yoga poses & get deep into the body.

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