Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17

















Class Descriptions

Basic Foundation

This is the perfect class if you’re starting from scratch or if you just want a refresher on the basic foundational postures of yoga.

This is a safe space for you to  ask any questions regarding yoga.

You will work on cultivating strength, balance and flexibility in a safe and accessible space. This class may be simple but it is not easy; feel free to rest in a child's pose at any time. Be open to the challenge of slowing down.

Yoga for Your Body

You will work to focus on the here and now without judgement, anticipation or expectations.

Make this practice a time to celebrate your individuality and honor Yogini YOU.

Just as you are.

In the here and now.

This class is for all skill levels, we will address our unique bodies and create solutions.

Think of props as mascara, they make everything better

Pelvic Floor & More

Bring awareness to your core and pelvic floor. You will learn to engage core muscles with the breath for safer movements.

Build strength gently, but effectively through this practice. A healthy core is the foundation of a healthy body.

If you are expecting or are a Mama, this class is especially tailored to you but open to all.

Expanding:  Chakra Flow 

Expand on the yoga basics. Whether you are new to yoga or looking for a simple sequence to revive and energize.

Tuesdays deepen your knowledge of the chakra system. Each week we’ll focus on one of the 7 energy centers in the body, with flows designed to explore through asana for strength building, movement and stillness to connect mind, body, and soul;

This class is perfect for every body.

High Energy

One of our favorite things about yoga is that each asana, or posture, can be modified to create a custom and unique practice.

Your guide will lead you through a challenging set of poses creating some energy. 

No need to be intimidated, the only expectation is to show up and do what you can at your pace.

High Energy + Hard Core

Rock music and abs?

Yes, please!

If you’re hard core, come on in to this high intensity class and we’ll build some center container strength for fun arm balances.

Broga approved!

Come on in fellas.

Vitality Yoga

Find your inner strength and vitality with this one of a kind yoga class.  Heidi will guide you through mindful kundalini breath work, body stretching and strengthening while using yoga and Pilates based postures, and a little meditation to add to the fun.  To top off your practice, savasana will be accompanied by a

gong bath. 

Restorative * Yin

We begin linking movement with the breath and then move onto yin restorative poses. Settle into your mind and body, take stock of the sensations within. Restorative yoga is a deeply therapeutic practice.

Rest the body.

Quiet the mind. Nurture your natural relaxation response. Recover your state of inner repose.

Baby & Me

 1st baby or one of many, these classes are geared toward babies aged six weeks to one. If there are no extenuating circumstances, your doctor will probably give you the ok to exercise six to eight weeks after you give birth and you'll be ready to give yoga a try.

Baby & Me yoga classes are not quiet and meditative like ordinary yoga classes. Pick up your baby at any time, but these classes are for you as much as your baby, so don't feel the need to act every time your baby squeaks.

Will Your Baby Like Yoga Class?
This depends a lot on the personality of the baby. Some delight in the new sights and stimulation of the classroom environment and are perfectly content to look around and take it all in. Others are freaked out by the very same stimulations and may cry a lot at first. They may eventually get used to it, so don't give up if the first class doesn't go well. A few babies may snooze through the whole thing.


Ballet Barre class takes a twist on classical ballet technique while incorporating exercise targeting lower body and ab muscles. You will learn the graceful movements of ballet while improving your flexibility, strength, balance, and memory as we learn different combinations. This class is perfect for anybody interested in a unique workout experience. All levels welcome, as this workout is self based and open to variations.


Pilates aids in reducing imbalances, strengthening your core as well as other muscles while improving your flexibility and postural alignment. This low-impact practice aims to increase efficiency of movement and overall awareness of self, body, and the world around us through our breath and senses.

Yoga Nidra​

Sometimes called Yogic Sleep—is a guided meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. You will leave this class refreshed and balanced. Dress comfortably, no dress code here.