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Crystal Lea Glenn


Crystal is a Lodi native with 10 years of nursing experience specializing in functional medicine, nutrition, women’s health, pelvic floor rehabilitation, & end of life care.

Her goal at Kingfisher Yoga is that through a fusion of her yoga background, nursing knowledge & in depth understanding of the body, she can help people strengthen their core, unlock tension & find daily pain relief. This helps students build a foundation to live their best lives at any age. 

Crystal first started teaching yoga to at risk adjudicated youth in a wilderness setting in the mountains of Utah. There, she supported kids & motivated them to start taking control of their own story & expressing their real feelings. Implementing a weekly yoga practice allowed students time for themselves, space to let their mind unwind & set the stage for personal growth. It was at this time Crystal's life, while living out of my truck, mountain biking, rock climbing, running and working with the adjudicated youth program, that she started a formal practice of yoga under the framework of Jonathan friend’s Anusara Yoga.


Crystal's classes begin with myofascial release, working into the small, connective tissues to help find ease in areas of tension in the body. From there, she introduces breathwork to let go of the day's stresses & shift into presence on the mat. Then, she guides you through a long warm up of the head, neck & shoulders before building up slowly to more engaging asanas. There is a focus on supportive props throughout class to ensure each student can find their own practice & what works for their body. Crystal takes intentional time at the end of class to down regulate the nervous system before savasana. 

Crystal's classes are perfectly designed to empower, release & calm each individual who hops on the mat. 

Crystal Teaches:

Pelvic Floor & More: This class is designed to bring awareness to your core & pelvic floor. Everyone can benefit from pelvic floor support!

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