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Small Group
Yoga Pods


A Yoga Pod is a semi-private class of 6-10 people who participate in a single session or a 4-6 week yoga program.  Your pod will have the same instructor and students for the duration of the program, allowing you to practice in a safe and comfortable environment. You will grow closer to one another as your explore your yoga practices as one. 

 Whether you want to gather for a special occasion or for the 4-6 week session, we can create a program tailored towards your group and your goals. 

Yoga Pods help you limit public exposure, while still giving you all the benefits of practicing yoga in a group setting.  Furthermore, continual interactions with the same group allow you to deepen your practice, receive personalized feedback from your instructor, and connect with your fellow yogis in a whole new way.  Now is the time to come together, heal, find your strength, and bask in our collective power.

The intention of Kingfisher Yoga is always to cultivate a safe and inclusive space for all.  However, we are aware that there are countless ways we can continue to learn, grow, and change to bring that intention closer to a reality. We created specialized Yoga Pods as a way to dedicate space and time for yogis with similar experiences to practice together.  These pods will be led by understanding and like-minded teachers who include additional time for discussion and connection.


Pod Rates


Additional for traveling

Chat with Carla about the details of bringing your pod together.

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