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It Depends...

Hello yoga peeps. The other teachers/guides and I are making a plan to record videos showing how to practice yoga asanas. An Asana is a yoga pose, only one part of yoga, we will get to the other 7 ways in the next coming weeks. We quickly learned that we each were taught the pose in a similar but not exact fashion.

During my recent 300 hour training, I heard the phrase "It Depends" for so many questions that were asked. All asanas depend on the person doing them. It depends on your life experiences, both physical and mental. We as your teachers are here to guide you. To suggest ways to get into, hold and get out of poses.

Ultimately YOU decide how a pose will look and feel in your body. Bodies are not made of clay and identical, they are made of flesh, bone, muscle and tissue. Your body will move differently than mine and everyone else.

That being said, why not invite a new experience into your yoga asana practice. Explore, shine the light on placing , adjusting and moving your body in new ways.

With consistent practice, your life will change.

With Abundant Love,

Carla Mae

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This is such a good reminder to just BE sometimes and let the yoga take care of what's happening inside.

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