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The Yoga Sutras & The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Patanjali, a sage or many sages together writing under the same name, wrote one of the most prominent & important texts in yogic philosophy called "The Yoga Sutras." Sutra is commonly translated to mean "threads." There are 196 yoga sutras that detail the how to use yoga as a way to attain self-realization, liberation, & bliss. Of these 196 sutras, only three sutras discuss asana, the physical practice of yoga poses. In The Yoga Sutras, Patanjali discusses the aims & practice of yoga, the development of yogic powers & finally, liberation.

Patanjali detailed an EIGHT LIMBED path of yoga. This will be our focus for the first few months of the year. Every two weeks, you'll get an email breaking down another limb of yoga, how to apply it to your every day life, as well as fun journal prompts, yoga sequences, & MORE!

Make sure you sign up for our email list to get all the goodies & deepen your practice this year!

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