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Manipura: The Solar Chakra

Then there's third chakra, manipura, meaning “city of jewels." Manipura chakra is often referred to as the solar plexus chakra or just the solar chakra for short. In the physical body it's the space between your belly button and your heart and thus corresponds with digestion, as well as functions of the liver. When balanced it illuminates our world with vibrant yellow. It is associated with the element of fire and the bright, shining light of the sun. This chakra is warm, energetic and active. Just as the sun is the center of our solar system, so too manipura chakra is the central hub of ours. Remember when we talked about the niyamas? Think waaaay back to the third niyama called tapas. Tapas is refinement. It's the burning away of what no longer aligns or serves us. Manipura chakra is like the home base of tapas. It is that internal fire of discernment that helps us to transform, change and evolve. When the solar chakra is balanced, we are able to harness our inner fire and use it to transform our lives. This can manifest as a desire to take risks, pursue new opportunities, and embrace change. Manipura represents personal power, self-esteem, and confidence. It is that "I am" -ness where our true self and personality manifest. Again, when this chakra is balanced, we are able to assert ourselves without being aggressive, make decisions with ease, and have a strong sense of self-worth.

When the solar plexus chakra isn't functioning harmoniously, we may feel easily discouraged, insecure, indecisive, and a lack of self-confidence. It will seem like there are obstacles in our life everywhere. It may also manifest as people pleasing. This is when a person feels a need to please others, even at their own expense. A person who people pleases might feel that they need to alter themselves in order to meet the wants and needs of others around them which prevents their true self from manifesting in the world. Physically, this can show up as digestive issues, fatigue, and adrenal gland problems.

Here are a few ideas for balancing the solar chakra: • Use a mantra (are you catching on?). The bija mantra for manipura is RAM. Here's a video of it playing 108 times. • Use words of affirmation (the yellow ones!) • Embrace karma yoga or selfless action. Think donating your time, energy or resources to a cause that speaks to your heart. Our $5 Friday class at 5pm benefits our monthly charity/need, so that's a great way to give back and also treat yourself. • Try setting goals for yourself. Start small with things like doing the laundry today or taking 10 minutes to meditate. Eventually, you can add in more longterm goals looking ahead at the week, the next month or the next year! • Take time for self reflection. Really sit with yourself and get clear on who you are and what makes you shine. • Manipura aromatherapy might be ylang ylang, rosemary, and spearmint. • A few good foods for balancing manipura chakra are citrus fruits, pineapple, celery, ginger, sunflower seeds, bananas, flax, warming spices like turmeric and cumin, as well as fermented foods like sauerkraut or kombucha (one of my favs!). • Yoga poses such as the bow pose, boat pose, and twists can help illuminate and draw awareness to manipura chakra.

Take time to reflect, embrace what aligns and leave the rest from this beautiful wisdom.

Love love love, Kiara Flowers

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