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Svadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra

Svadhisthana is the second chakra and it lives just below the navel or in the sacrum in the back body. Sva meaning “self” and adhisthana which means “home” or “dwelling place." So, the sacral chakra is literally the dwelling place or home of the self.

Svadhisthana shines a gorgeous orange when balanced. It's also associated with the element of water - water which fertilizes and continually creates new life. Water also cleanses, purifies, and can help clear away blockages that hinder our prana (vital life force energy) from flowing.

The sacral chakra is responsible for our creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, and emotions. It is also responsible for our ability to connect with others on an emotional level. This manifests as free flowing feelings and, on an anatomical level, the functions of the kidneys and bladder.

The importance of the sacral chakra cannot be overstated! When svadhisthana chakra is balanced, we are in touch with our emotions, and feel creative and inspired. We are able to form intimate relationships and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

However, when the sacral chakra is blocked or imbalanced, we may experience a lack of creativity, a disinterest in physical intimacy, or difficulty forming close relationships. We may also struggle with addictions or obsessive behavior.

An underactive sacral chakra can lead to a lack of creativity, low libido, and a general feeling of disconnection from our emotions. This can show up as a lack of enthusiasm for life, feelings of guilt or shame, and difficulty forming intimate relationships. On the other hand, an overactive sacral chakra can lead to an obsession with pleasure-seeking activities and a lack of self-control. This can manifest as addictive behaviors, impulsivity, and a disregard for personal boundaries. In both cases, it is important to work on balancing svadhisthana chakra.

Here are a few ideas for balancing the sacral chakra:

• Use a mantra. The bija mantra for svadhisthana is VAM. Here's a video of it playing 108 times.

• Use words of affirmation like the ones above ^^

• Begin a practice of emotional naming. Use this feelings wheel and identify three feelings morning, noon and night, or anytime feelings are bubbling to the surface, but you're unsure what to call them.

• Take yourself on a creativity date with watercolors or pottery painting!

• Aromatherapy works for svadhisthana, too, with smells like sandalwood, bergamot, or cardamom. Bonus points for this seasonal pumpkin spice essential oil!

• The best foods for balancing the sacral chakra are butternut squash, pumpkin (and pumpkin pie), sweet potatoes, mangoes, papaya, almonds, coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, and turmeric.

• Yoga poses such as pigeon pose, malasana (garland pose or yogi squat), and goddess pose can help to open up the hips and stimulate the sacral chakra.

Let it flow and let go, sweet ones.

All my love,

Kiara Flowers

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