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Satya - Truth

Satya, the second Yama (moral restraint; ethical observance), encourages us to be honest and truthful in all aspects of life - truth is speech, in action and in thought. It is important to practice integrity and authenticity in all our dealings with others, as well as with ourselves.

There is a reason that Ahimsa, non-harm, comes before all other limbs of yoga. It's because it serves as a container. We cannot truly embody yoga without practicing non-violence towards ourselves and others. So, when you have negative thoughts, know that they are not the truth and find compassion. When you have strong feelings, you can take up space and share them authentically with tenderness. When you see injustice and lies perpetuated at the expense of others, speak up and do so sweetly.

When we speak truths into the world with empathy and reverence for all beings, we are speaking from that divine place that exists within us. This embodiment of Satya helps us to manifest the life we deserve, it welcomes in relationships that will nourish us, it guides us to look deep within and let go of what no longer serves us.

What lies have you been told that you are ready to leave in the past?

What lies have you perpetuated that have caused harm?

How can you own and honor your truth with compassion?

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