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Ahimsa - Non-Harm

The first limb of the eight limbed path of yoga is "YAMA." Often, this is translated to mean moral restraints, ethical disciplines - they help us understand how to interact with the world around us.


"A" meaning not

"HIMSA" meaning violence or killing

Ahimsa is easily understood as not causing suffering or harm to other beings, ourselves or nature. Violence is not only an action, but a state of mind. This yama asks us to observe our actions and our thoughts so that we may live in harmony with the world around us without further causing or perpetuating harm or violence.

Beneath the surface of non-harm is empathy, compassion and love. When we recognize that we are all worthy of unconditional love & compassion, including ourselves, we can not only practice Ahimsa, but embody it.

Ahimsa is the foundation for our yoga practice for a reason.

How will you practice Ahimsa today?

"In the presence of one who is established in non-violence, all hostilities cease." Sutra II.35

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